Deferred Entry of Judgment/Drug Diversion

PC1000 Drug Diversion

As a condition of probation, individuals convicted of a misdemeanor drug offense may be required complete an approved 31-hour – 16 week, or an approved 47 hour – 20 week treatment program including education, group and face-to-face counseling. The length of program is dependent upon the county of conviction.

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Anger Management

Services are provided to individuals who wish to self-refer themselves for counseling to control their anger, or for individuals referred by a community service agency or employer, or as a requirement of probation, individuals who are court ordered to complete anger management counseling. The level and duration of services is determined by the court order.

We understand the specific challenges individuals may face and address them effectively.

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  • Our services cater to the unique needs of first offenders, offering tailored programs.
  • Our programs are designed to meet regulatory requirements, helping individuals fulfill their legal obligations efficiently.
  • Our commitment is to provide tailored education that goes beyond the legal requirements, fostering personal development.
  • Our experienced team guides participants through understanding the causes of their situation and exploring effective remedies.
  • We prioritize swift enrollment to ensure individuals can begin their journey toward rehabilitation without unnecessary delays.
  • We prioritize their needs, providing a supportive and understanding environment to facilitate a successful transition beyond the challenges of a first offense.

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