How do I enroll?

To enroll in the DUI education courses, it is important to carry one of the three (3) following materials: a referral from the Court, a referral from the Riverside County DDP or an H-6 printout from the CA DMV displaying the mandatory program. You’re also going to be required to pay your enrollment fee (see Program Fee Structure). As soon as you’re signed up, you will have to give your weekly fees, and your self help meeting signature card (issued at enrollment).

Can I go to the program several times per week to complete my requirements faster?

California state law determines the duration of the program, meaning that the program can’t be sped up. However, a few exceptions to this rule might apply to out-of-state participants where their state authorizes an extended amount of DUI education.

What happens if I need to skip a session?

Each DUI Program offers absences to use at your free will. Absences will be discussed in greater detail at time of enrollment.
12 Hour Program – 2 absences
3 Month Program – 5 absences
4 Month Program – 5 absences
6 Month Program – 7 absences
9 Month Program – 7 absences

How do I get a restricted license if this is my first DUI?

First offenders over 21 years old are usually permitted apply for a restricted license after serving the required 30 day suspension.
To be able to be eligible for a restricted license, a proof of enrollment needs to be sent in by our DUI education program to the DMV. Our program digitally sends your DMV form promptly (usually within 24 hrs). The DMV will require also a re-issuance fee of about $125 and likely an SR-22 form from your insurance company.

What happens to my drivers license if I was charged with a wet reckless?

If you’re over 21, charged with a DUI, alcohol level at .08 or above, but the sentence is revised to a wet reckless, then you need to make a choice. The courts will usually order a 12 hour program completion. If either you didn’t have a DMV hearing or went through a DMV hearing but the suspension was verified, you’ll have a couple of options concerning your license. The reduced conviction of a wet reckless will be reported by the courts to the DMV. The DMV will suspend your license for four months. You are able to attend the 12 hour program and a serve the four month suspension. Another choice is to serve a 30 day suspension and attend the longer 3 month first offender program, with a arrangement for a restricted license.

What will happen to my restricted license if I am dropped from the program?

The DMV is going to be informed of the termination from the program and your license will be re-suspended.

My DUI is from years ago – how do I enroll?

The obligation to finish the DUI program remains on your DMV form. Some participants wait several years in hopes it’ll disappear. To legally drive in California, you’ll ultimately be required to finish the program. You must visit the DMV and ask for an H-6 internal printout of your driving record. This document help you to register in a DUI program.

Should I start attending right away?

By California state law, as soon as you sign up for a program, you need to start classes within 21 days of registration. Exceptions only count for a leave of absence with proof.

Where can you drive with your restricted license?

Restricted licenses are granted for “to work and back, over the course of employment and also to the DUI program and back.” Additional exceptions and questions needs to be forwarded to the DMV at (916) 657-6525.

How can I get my license back?

DMV REQUIREMENTS – After serving the 30-day mandatory license suspension period, to get a restricted license, you will be required to file an SR22 Form from your insurance company, pay a reissue cost of $125 (will vary) to your DMV and present evidence of enrollment in one of our DUI programs. We will digitally submit your enrollment with the DMV.

For license-related/DMV questions, you may phone the main branch of the DMV in Sacramento. The phone number for the Mandatory Actions Unit (MAU) is: (916) 657-6525.

Get help now?

You can reach our team by email [email protected] or on call (951) 734-3399 or by filling out the contact form.